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The first picture from a serie of documentary movies

přidáno: 30. 4. 2017 6:25, autor: Žaneta Turoňová   [ aktualizováno 10. 5. 2017 7:43 ]

Few days ago the first film from a dozen of documentary movies has been published at our youtube channel. From now on a new movie will be released every week and each of them will approach a different topic linked with the journey of "Migrating Art Historians". Thus the experiences and pieces of knowledge, which they gained during the voyage will be mediated to a broad public. 

The first movie, named "Pilgrims between heaven and the earth" deals with pilgramage in different religious traditions, with its sacral and secular aspects, and with common points and differences between medieval and contemporary pilgrimage. 

To display English, French or Italian subtitles please search in the settings directly in the youtube video.