Migrating art historians

 amalie bulandrova Amálie Bulandrová

is a Bachelor’s student of Art History at Masaryk University in Brno. She is also currently finishing her Master’s studies in the Department of Theatre Studies at the same university, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in 2014. Within her studies, Amálie mostly focuses on scenography, medieval theatricality and liturgical theatre. She has experienced study and practical stays in Berlin and Bochum. Today, Amálie lives in Poitiers where she is preparing her research on the theatrical aspects of the western facade of the local church Notre-Dame-la-Grand.  
 alzbeta filipova Alžběta Filipová

is a migrating art historian completing her PhD thesis at the University of Lausanne and Masaryk University. She has dealt with the circulation of Milanese relics closely connected with the circulation of culture and architectural models in Late Antiquity. Within the project Migrating Art Historians, she administers e-learning support and coordinates different groups of people involved in the project in Brno, Lausanne, Rome, San Francisco and at Stanford.
 ivan foletti Ivan Foletti

is an associate professor in the Department of Art History at Masaryk University in Brno and simultaneously an Assistant Professor Ambizione FNS at the University of Lausanne. His research is focused on the historiography of Byzantine art and on the artistic production of Milan, Rome and Constantinople in the Early Christian era. He studies artistic objects of these areas and period especially from a liturgical and ritual point of view. Other fields of interest include pilgrimage art and the medieval Caucasus.

 karolina foletti Karolina Foletti

studied History, Russian and Art History at the University of Lausanne and the History of Eastern Europe at Vienna University. She currently works for the journal Convivium. Among her interests are Russian historiography, pilgrimage art and history of the twentieth century.
zuzana frantova
Zuzana Frantová

is a postgraduate student at Masaryk University in Brno and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. In the project Migrating Art Historians, she focuses on the phenomenon of repetitive forms of pilgrimage church facades, both from the perspective of workshop practice as well as of the perception of pilgrims themselves.

 jana gazdagova Jana Gazdagová

is a graduate of a Master's degree at Masaryk University in Brno, which she finished with her work on the architecture and decoration of the church of San Giovanni and Porta Latina in Rome. She is currently writing a PhD project in which she focuses, among other things, on the relationship between architectural concept, liturgy and music on the example of Santa Sofia in Benevento. For the migrating art historians, she prepares materials for articles and films from the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome, where she works as a trainee.  
 anna kelblova Anna Kelblová

is an Art History student in the Faculty of Art at Masaryk University. After finishing her Bachelor’s thesis about Projecta’s casket, she is now focusing, as part of the project Migrating Art Historians, on a building called Notre-Dame du Port in Clermont-Ferrand, which is situated in the Auvergne region. This region is interesting not only for the richly decorated facades of its churches, but also for huge variation of different kinds of cheese which will not escape her interest.
katarina kravcikova
Katarína Kravčíková
is a fourth-year student in the Department of Art History at FF MU, currently finishing a Bachelor’s thesis about the metamorphoses and rhetoric of the Hagia Eirene in Constantinople, between the sixth and eighth centuries. Like the others Migrating Art Historians, she has decided to hit the road and study the problematics of medieval pilgrimage. Specifically, her main object of interest will be the Cathedral Notre Dame l´Annonciation in le Puy en Velay from the eleventh century.
daniela krizanova
Daniela Křižanová

is a student in the Department of Art History at Masaryk University. After her Bachelor´s study focused on Late Antique funeral art in Rome, she is now preparing her Master´s thesis about place, where the relics of Saint Benedict are preserved, the Monastery Saint-Benoît- sur-Loire. Thanks to the project Migrating Art Historians she will have a unique opportunity to study the object directly in situ, for as long as three weeks.
 tereza kucerova

Tereza Kučerová

is a student of the Master’s program of the Department of Art History at Masaryk University in Brno. After her Bachelor’s thesis dealing with early Czech Baroque decoration and one semester of study in Naples, her Master’s thesis is going to examine the Abbey of Charité-sur-Loire and the cult of the Mother of God. This abbey is one of the planned destinations of the pedestrian march, in which she is going to participate.

 martin lesak Martin Lešák

is a graduate of the Masaryk University in Brno where he, in 2016, completed his MA in Art History. In his Master’s thesis, he focused on the so-called “Tower at Torba” and its decoration from around 800. He is now writing a PhD project examining the relation between monumental decorations created in ninth-century Rome and the stational liturgy of the city.
 ivana molnarova Ivana Molnárová

is a graduate student in the Department of Art History at Masaryk University in Brno and is currently working for the Center for Early Medieval Studies as an executive assistant. She participates in this project from Brno, namely with online crowdfunding campaigns, communication with the public and organization of events linked to Migrating Art Historians.
 adrien palladino Adrien Palladino

is a PhD student at the Masaryk University in Brno and at the Université de Fribourg. His main researches focus on Late Antiquity, the historiographical approach of this period, as well as the materiality of objects. His thesis focuses on early Christian ivory caskets, studied through the understanding of their function, and of the perception of their materiality within the Late Antique period. During the walking experience, he would like to study the cathedral of Lausanne, but also the perception of pilgrims through ancient french pilgrimage narratives, while teaching french to the other students during the walk.

 sabina rosenbergova Sabina Rosenbergová

is an Art History student at Masaryk University in Brno. An important part of her education so far were three semesters in Rome spent studying and writing a thesis on the Throne of St. Peter, with which she concluded her Bachelor’s study of general history and art history. For Migrating Art Historians, she prepares a contribution on Mont-Saint-Michel.
 sandrina sliwinska Sandrina Sliwinska

obtained her Master degree at the University of Lausanne in Modern French and History of Art. Her Master thesis was about the 12th century church of Saint-Georges of Kurbinovo in Macedonia. Currently, she is an intern, on the one hand, as assistant for the project Migrating Art Historians, on the other, for the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome (Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte). She created the route for the pilgrims, translates texts into French, communicates with scholars and organizes their stays. At the Bibliotheca Hertziana she also assists Migrating Art Historians by doing scans of articles and books for them during their stays in the monasteries.  
 pavla ticha Pavla Tichá

studies in the Department of Art History at FF MU in Brno. She has dealt with Late Antique Roman culture and religion syncretism. Within the Art Historian Migration, she focuses on the Nevers Cathedral.